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le Pavillon au Bord de la Rivière, Château des Sénéchaux

Of unusual yet impressive proportions, unexpectedly appointed, impeccable, and at the foot of our private château, this property by the river, has a well placed garden, and is a refuge, made for your pleasure and relaxation.

Accessed through a private gate, you will be the envy of the tourists exploring the village, since this gate leads to the garden with its riverside walkway and 17th century river balcony, temptingly visible from many places, but inaccessible to all but you.

The Pavillon was built for the pleasure of the owners of the Château des Sénéchaux, and it is easy to imagine the ladies taking the air whilst the gentlemen smoked their pipes and discussed serious matters.

This simple, but perfectly-formed pavilion sits at one end of the lower garden, and you have the view of the full length and width of the grounds with a stunning backdrop of limestone cliffs and walls at one end, the defensive walls of the Château des Sénéchaux on one side, and the river and fields on the other.

As you enter through the private access gate, your eyes will be drawn to the river and limestone cliffs on your left, and you will be tempted to head past the pavilion along the river walkway and terrace, all the way along towards the river balcony. However, your hosts will guide you into the property, letting you explore the grounds at your leisure. Inside you will discover a warm and welcoming hideaway, cosy yet luxurious, intimate and romantic, with a close-up view of the river and countryside.  

On a hot summer's day, you have so many choices, from making the most of the cool of the building by curling up in an armchair with a book to read, or lazily stretching on the settee for a doze, or lying in the shade of awning with the warmth of the sun around you, and for those who seek to enhance their tan, the entire garden is at your disposal for sunbathing.

In such close proximity to the river, this property is ideally suited for those who enjoy a dip, or maybe you will consider bringing your paddle-board with you. There are canoes to hire all the way along the river, and fishing is very popular with the locals.

In the cooler months, the wood burner adds a visible warmth to the background heating, and the property becomes cosy and private as you close out the  cold and sip at your hot chocolate or glass of wine.

The evenings are beautiful in the pavilion, with birdsong, and even the owls who live in the tower put on a show. The sound of the river soothes away your troubles, and sleep comes so easily as the rural air lulls you into perfect relaxation.

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