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la Maison de Jacquette, Château des Sénéchaux

Enter la Maison de Jacquette on a hot summer's day and the coolness of the 17th century flagstones will welcome and refresh you.

This entrance was once the access to the tunnel that allowed servants and guards to move discreetly, or secretly, between the Château de Bourdeilles and the Maison du Sénéchal, as the property was once called. It could also serve as an escape for those who avoided the watchful eye of archers and knights.

This is also the site of the long-drop toilet (pit latrine), which was an unfortunate but creative punishment for those held in the prison cell below.

A relatively short flight of stairs leads to a voluminous reception room with exposed beams and rafters. The diverse influences from Thailand, France, Britain, America, China and other parts of Asia are evident in the beautiful, massive furniture that evokes other worlds and civilizations. This luxurious space is somewhat extravagant and lavish for two people, but you are coming here to treat yourself and be spoiled.

You now have a decision to make: should you go to the terrace that lies temptingly ahead? Or should you go and discover the stylish bedroom and the bed that just calls out to you? 

A look inside the bedroom inspires you to take a deep breath and appreciate everything you see. Larger than you imagined, regal and sumptuous, this room has the allure of the 15th century and is furnished with a luxurious four-poster bed the size fit for an emperor. The risk of oversleeping is great. The en-suite bathroom is bright and inviting, and you'll want to spend hours soaking in the clawfoot tub or washing away your cares in the generously proportioned shower.

Enjoy a relaxed breakfast on your private terrace overlooking the river, surrounded by the sounds of the countryside. Later, soak up the evening warmth as the golden hour descends on the stones of the towers and the valley beyond, and as day turns to night, watch for owls and bats in flight until stars fill the clear night sky.

With a luxurious layout giving the impression that you are being spoiled, a terrace that has a magnificent view of the river, and rooms that are huge and intimate, ancient and modern, regal and sumptuous. You will have a restful, unforgettable stay, made expressly for you. Come and discover this beautiful corner of France and enjoy the charm of this historic monument.

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