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Who owns the Château des Sénéchaux?


Kay Martinesz

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our site.

In 2011, after five years of research abroad, numerous visits to various properties, and with four children aged between three and nine, we found a property that appealed to us in every way. The target of our affections was called the Château des Sénéchaux, in Bourdeilles.

The property had been empty for a few years, but it attracted us with its potential and above all that it was located in a magnificent location. Several years later we adore being here and have found a penchant for the heritage of this area.

We would like to share all these special places with those who have the same taste, the same interests in ancient architecture, the same desire to safeguard our heritage, and particularly with those who appreciate the details.

We are genuine, warm and caring hosts who want you to feel the magic of the property. We keep your needs and desires as our priority and aim to allow you to be cocooned with a sense of luxury and space, class while maintaining comfort and sumptuousness, to be pampered and spoiled, and to have an unforgettable stay. 


David Pugh

David began his working life as an engineer within British Gypsum, continuing his career of 36 years, and eventually leaving Saint Gobain as a global director.

Kay trained in Environmental Health, and worked as a private health and safety consultant in the National Britannia Group, and then as the health and safety professional responsible for workplace and factory safety in Europe for Hasbro Inc (the toy and game manufacturer).

When David was offered a job in Asia and started travelling for work, Kay became an English teacher.  

We left Britain in 2001 and lived in Sri Lanka, Thailand (where our four children were born), Maisons-Laffitte and Philadelphia, before settling permanently in the Dordogne in 2011.

We are the owners of six properties including: Le Château des Sénéchaux, La Maison du Sénéchal, La Maison de Jaquette, Le Pavillon au Bord de la Rivière, L'Hôtel Abzac de la Douze, and L'Hôtel Merèdieu. These last two are located in the old town of Périgueux.

With David's intuition, innovative use of materials, determination, and natural skill and dexterity, together with Kay's ideas and complementary talents, we have brought our magnificent home back to its original splendour.

In addition, during our travels in Asia and elsewhere, we have acquired original and stylish furniture and unique accessories, which have allowed us to accentuate the class and remarkable charm of the estate.

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